Restaurant de l’Abbaye, Le Buisson-de-Cadouin, Dordogne

Ah, the Southwest of France. I may be (a bit) biased, but it has some of the best comfort food in the world. Cassoulet, magret de canard, foie gras… I love it all.

I spent a long weekend next to Bergerac with friends, and one night, sick of cooking at home, we went out for dinner. As many of the local places were already booked up (apparently you need to book early!), we picked a place randomly that had a few, but good, reviews on Google Maps. A complete shot in the dark.

Cadouin was a 15 minute drive from the house, and a very pleasant surprise, when we arrived. The restaurant was the abbey restaurant… and did look out over a beautiful abbey, which we checked out on our way home.

The restaurant had a number of different prix fixe menus, so some of us got them, and others ordered off the a la carte menu… as we ended up sharing anyway.

The girls started off with the foie gras… very thin slices, served with toast and a side salad. The slices seemed thin, but they were rich enough that we didn’t need more between the three of us… and then a small side salad with your typical French vinaigrette and walnuts. Delicious.


Then, I had the entrecote, rare. It was served with a parsley butter on top, popped potatoes (see how they’re kind of puffy?), and a courgette crust-less piece of quiche. All very good, the steak was especially tasty and HUGE. I almost ate the whole thing, but not quite.


Next on someone’s prix fixe, the cheese plate. Three choices each, but the lady gave us four, as we were salivating… so we shared eight in all. I can’t begin to remember what there was, apart from a Camembert, a Tome and an Epoisse, but they were all delicious. The five of us share this and didn’t finish…


And finally, for the dessert stomach, an apricot tarte tatin that I shared with Leigh. We managed to finish this pretty quickly…


So, the overall consensus on this shot in the dark restaurant? What a great find! We were lucky to find it, and I would go back in an instant the next time.

IMG_2230The last treat was the abbey and church lit up on our walk back to the car…



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