Lobster-fest, Villandry

It seems that several London restaurants are posting special lobster menus this month. As you’ll remember, I went to Sheeky’s last week with Alice to try out their menu. Yesterday, we went to Villandry, another neighbourhood favourite, and saw that they also had several lobster dishes on the menu.

Alice went for the pasta, and I went for the salad… both served with what they called a whole lobster. Honestly, the salad looked like it had an entire lobster in it, while the pasta didn’t.

The pasta was good, a tagliatelle that was actually thin ribbons of egg-y goodness. Both Alice and I were wearing different shades of white, and desperately trying not to get the sauce all over us. But it was a very good (if the tomato sauce was a bit bland) pasta dish.

My salad was also very good, greens served with avocado, fennel and the lobster. The dash of mayonnaise on top was not especially necessary…

But there’s really something about a mix of avocado and seafood, be it shrimp, crab or lobster. It’s such a good combination.  And this time, did not disappoint.


Does anyone know of other London restaurants that are participating in the lobster craze??



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