Chiringuito, Ibiza

Back here for a second year… this was my favourite meal last year. So, back we were. This time, the service was slow, but the food was just as good as the time before! We started off with padron peppers. Apparently, during the summer, they are more hit and miss, and you are more likely to get a hot one, because of the heat. Has anyone ever heard this before? (That they’re more likely to be hot in the summer? I know that they  can be a bit of a Russian roulette in general). Or was the waitress just teasing us?

IMG_1878 Then, a surprisingly good tuna tartare with avocado cream. The tuna was seasoned with sesame oil and a little soy sauce, then topped with sesame seeds, and was really good. We gobbled this up quickly.

IMG_1881 And to top off the appetizers, mixed tomatoes with burrata. The burrata was so creamy that it started to run all over the plate as soon as it was cut… yum. The tomatoes were ok, but a bit disappointing… given the stripes that a few of them had, I had expected them to taste like heirloom tomatoes, but they didn’t have that much flavour. Oh well.


After this, Sara and I shared the sea bass for two – look at it!

IMG_1884   The fish was perfectly cooked, nicely grilled, and there was a lot of it. It was finished off with roasted potatoes and peppers/onions that gave the dish a nice Mediterranean flavour. I barely ate my portion of the fish, as it was huge, but it was really worth it!

IMG_1886 After this, we headed to the Experimental Cocktail Club, a restaurant and bar nearby. To get there, you have to drive through the local salt flats. This is one of my favourite places for a 5pm cocktail, a bit less fancy than some of the other beach restaurants, and where you can stay to watch the sun set over the ocean…


Such a great day…



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