Blue Marlin, Ibiza

Ah, Ibiza. We arrived on the island Friday night, and it was hot hot hot! After a few drinks at the hotel bar, we decided to make it an early (well, not too late) night and start the weekend on the right foot.

We arrived at Blue Marlin on the earlier side on Saturday, which was good as it was closing at 5pm for a private event. The terrace was pretty empty when we showed up…



We started off with the pan con tomate and jamon Iberico… you’re going to be seeing a bit of that this weekend! One of my favourite dishes in Spanish food is pan con tomate (bread with tomato), made from a tomato pulp. Sometimes, they add in some garlic and seasoning, but this time they didn’t. It was nice on the toasted, slightly oiled pieces of bread, though.


And even more-so with the ham. Very rich and fatty (in the best way possible), we gobbled this up in a few minutes. It was delicious.


As a main course, I had the grilled calamari, served with a red pepper sauce. It was perfect, as the calamari weren’t too grilled, just tender, with a nice flavour from the grill… and served with a mix of breadcrumbs, garlic and parsley mix. The other girls were jealous.


Sara got the ceviche (I can’t remember what was in it, exactly, but she really enjoyed it).


Alice had the Blue Marlin thai beef salad, with beef tataki, with chili, coriander, red onion, mint, and sprouts. She said that the beef was very tender, with the dressing giving the salad a good flavour.


And Giuliana had the watermelon, tomato and feta salad. Good and refreshing.



Overall consensus? Not my favourite place in Ibiza, but the views of the ocean and the scene isn’t bad. I’d come back, but I have another list of places that I’d rather try/ return to first.



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