Sheeky’s Oyster Bar Lobster Festival, Covent Garden

Lobsterfest! I love lobster, especially in the summer, and Sheeky’s is one of the restaurants in London this summer that is offering a lobster menu. Apparently, for every lobster dish you order, they’ll adopt a lobster (meaning that it will live longer, but eventually still be eaten). All in the name of sustainable lobster!

I went to lunch with Alice to try out all of these new dishes. The lobster menu had six different dishes, varying from salads to surf and turf to risotto. We picked three.

We started with the lobster salad, served with bacon. It had a creamy sauce and lots of good greens… I loved it.




… I mean… look at all of these big chunks of lobster. It was delicious.


Then, the lobster and shrimp gyoza. There was nothing particularly amazing about these, they tasted like the gyoza that you’d have in any Japanese or Chinese restaurant… but were definitely towards the top of the quality. Great with the spring onion and chili.




Then, we veered off-course for a bit and ordered the Galician octopus with potatoes. Yes. It tasted as good as it looks, as the octopus was very tender. And delicious with the potatoes in the heavy oil.




Finally, the lobster risotto. This was so good. It had been cooked in a lobster stock (a very thick one, which made the dish a bit heavy, but so flavourful). With big chunks of lobster. And what they called coastal greens, leaves thick enough to give a bit of crunch. This was such a great dish.




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