Kurobuto, Chelsea

Another dinner with Hanna, another great night out… this time, we decided to go back to an old favourite, Kurobuto, in Chelsea, walked in without a reservation and sailed into the communal table. We did a good job ordering this time… everything was pretty good except for the sushi! We started with the tempura prawns topped with jalapenos and red onion, in a spicy sauce. This kind of tastes like the rock shrimp tempura at Nobu… but since you have bigger prawns, it’s much better. Big, juicy prawns, perfectly fried, with the delicious sauce… great. I had no time for the little white noodles underneath that kind of taste like cardboard… but otherwise, what a dish!


Then, the wagyu beef sliders. So good and juicy, perfect with the fried onion and all the other accoutrements. Can’t say enough about these.


Then, the yellowtail sashimi with jalapeno and yuzu sauce. Another Nobu-like dish. In this case, I do prefer the Nobu version… the slices of sashimi are quite thick in this version, which is nice, but as the fish has already been “poached” by the yuzu, I actually prefer smaller slices. The jalapeno always gives a great bite.


Then, the spicy tuna maki. Eh. The tuna itself was very good (and big, fresh chunks, but I’m not a fan of the sauce they used, maybe siracha? Or the rice really… Not great.


Finally, the miso chicken. At this point, I was getting pretty full, but of course still enjoyed it. This is one of my favourite dishes at Kurobuto, but tonight it wasn’t as tender as it usually is… that said, the miso grilled flavour was pretty good… so it was still a good dish.


Good dinner there, not the best I’ve had. But I’ll definitely be back soon!


One thought on “Kurobuto, Chelsea

  1. Nobu Eden Rock, South Beach, Miami – alwaystimeforlunch

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