Sainsbury’s Dimsum

One of my favourite light dinners is the Marks and Spencer steamed dimsum plate. There are three types of dimsum, all seafood flavoured, and they steam really nicely in the microwave (score).

As they didn’t have any when I walked by, I went into the next grocery store, which happened to be Sainsbury’s, and tried their steamed dimsum instead.


There’s are three prawn, open hargao (mixed with crunchy vegetables and ginger), three vegetable gyoza (cooked with cabbage, mushroom, and some chili), and the seafood dumplings (a mix of fish, prawn, and coriander).

Consensus? Eh. The vegetables ones and the seafood ones were ok (but a bit dry), and the prawn har gao tasted like they had cream cheese in them, which turned me off right away. Next time, back to M&S!


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