Tommy Tucker, Fulham

On a Sunday evening, I met up with my friend Hanna who I hadn’t seen in ages. We had both been wanting to try Tommy Tucker, so met for an early dinner. Unfortunately, they had a Sunday roast menu, so there were fewer other options on the menu… but we still ordered a good selection! As the main courses all sounded a bit boring, we stuck with some small dishes instead.

We started with the pig’s head croquette with a tomato and pepper remoulade… The croquette was tender and had a perfect pork taste… and the remoulade cut through the rich flavour of the croquette. Perfect.


Then, the asparagus with the goat curd… nice and fresh, but nothing unique about the dish.


Then, the morels on toast. I LOVE morel mushrooms, and these were sauteed with a bit of garlic and topped with a peccorino cheese… This was pretty delicious.


Then, for me (as Hanna doesn’t eat cabbage), the cavolo nerro with the anchovy butter on the side. This was SO good. The butter was delicious and the cavolo nerro itself was perfectly cooked (if maybe a bit covered in butter). One of my favourite dishes.


And this was the other. Scallops served with a corn mixture and popcorn. The scallops were perfectly grilled and the corn mixture was delicious (like, lick the plate delicious), but we were both a bit confused by the popcorn. It was a fun addition to the dish in theory, but had no taste and really didn’t add any depth to the plate. IMG_0036


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