Granger’s, Notting Hill

As I come here for dinner, I haven’t blogged about it yet, but this is one of my favourite places in Notting Hill. I came here Friday night with my friend Hanna, as she had never been. Luckily, the queue gods were smiling upon us, and as we were happy to sit at the bar, we were seated within ten minutes. With a nice little cocktail, a bellini for Hanna and a margarita for me (they make a very strong, very good one!)


Then, for starters… I had the Korean fried chicken, which was perfectly fried and perfectly moist. I didn’t get bogged down with the sweet chili sauce or the greens (lettuce, coriander and mint) that they served it with.


Hanna got the grilled squid with greens, which was also very good – it was served with a rocket, coriander and green chili salad… a tiny bit of kick, but not too much.

IMG_1629For a second plate, the meatballs sounded very good to me… I didn’t recognize the pasta that they came with, but the waiter assured me that there was some green in there too. And, wow. There was pasta, spinach, and tons of Parmesan mixed in… the meatballs themselves were amazing, with tons of flavour (probably, again, due to all the cheese in them, along with a light pancetta and chive taste… and the chicken for the meatballs themselves). All this in a very thick broth at the bottom of the bowl… which helped the Parmesan to melt evenly over the dish. I licked the plate on this dish.

IMG_1630Hanna had the shrimp burger. Remember at Taste of London, when I was so excited to taste the shrimp burger at Club Gascon? I was imagining this one, which is much better. Such a treat.

IMG_1632So? Happy girls, with no room for dessert, we wobbled out of Granger’s and on to Walmer Castle, to check out the redecorated digs. And to find out that they now have a normal pub menu and have gotten rid of their Thai restaurant upstairs. Tragedy!



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