The Bedford (again), Williamsburg

The Friday before my brother’s wedding, I was in Williamsburg for most of the day, and found myself getting peckish… so I stopped in a place I knew well, dreaming of the kale Caesar salad, and forgetting that we were having the post-wedding brunch there on Sunday!

I saw down fully expecting to get the kale salad that I love so much, but one of the specials was the soft-shell crab sandwich, served with a side salad (lettuce and radishes). The salad itself was delicious… I think they used fresh cidre vinegar, as the whole salad had a nice apple taste to it (or maybe it used fresh apple juice?)


And the sandwich? On a thick bun, with a spicy remoulade, the soft-shell crab was very good. I could have eaten two of this. Almost did. But needed to fit in my dress for the rehearsal dinner…


(Just as a note, there were maybe three other specials that I also wanted to try, but this one made the cut. I didn’t even get around to thinking about the kale salad, there were so many other good options. Luckily, we had the kale Caesar the Sunday for brunch, and I got my fill, three plates-full. I should stop craving this for a while now…)




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