SushiAnn, New York

Back in New York in the week before my brother (hurray) get married! I have a few days of work before things quiet down (or start happening?)

Today, I met with Anne for a catchup, I’m so lucky to have a good friend covering me as a client, it makes for much more fun meetings!

We went to SushiAnn, booking last minute and getting a table in a small, side room. And were told we had the table from noon to one. Right.

We started with a seaweed salad and edamame – the edamame were perfectly salted, while the seaweed salad was drenched in dressing… shame as otherwise the seaweed was nice and crunchy!


I then had the sashimi lunch plate… it was good, but honestly, apart from the riceless rolls that they make (delicious), the fish was just ok… it actually looked better (and softer, and butterier) than it was. But still fresh and good, it just didn’t have tons of flavour.


Then, I got a piece of the madai (Japanese red snapper) and the ikura (salmon eggs). The madai was like the rest of the sashimi, it just didn’t have tons of flavour, whereas the ikura were some of the best ones I’d ever had, their membranes not too thick and melting in your mouth… yum.



I would definitely come back to SushiAnn, but maybe try the sushi bar the next time, and ask for whatever was most fresh…



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