Fort Mason Farmer’s Market, Marina, San Francisco

The Sunday after Trudy’s wedding, instead of a formal brunch somewhere, she had us all meet at the farmer’s market to sit around a few picnic tables and catch up… it was perfect, as people showed up, either for five minutes or a few hours before heading back home to wherever they had come from.


The farmer’s market is mostly produce (including huge strawberries that you could smell a mile away), but there are a few stands with ready-made food, including a delicious-looking flatbread stand where they’ll stuff your flatbread with feta, spinach, tomatoes, etc…

But I went for the dumplings, as they also looked delicious.

IMG_1396And they were. I had two rounds. They are a bit more doughy than your typical dumplings, and if you see how much oil they fry them in… yikes.

They had vegetarian ones (eh), but I got the pork and cabbage, prawn with egg and chive, and the chicken. They were all delicious, but I really liked the prawn and pork ones the best.




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