Beldi Country Club, Marrakech

Our last day in Marrakech, we found the place. THE place. The Beldi Country Club. Quiet, lush and green, and so civilized, it made us wonder why we hadn’t spent the entire time here.


Paradise by the pool… and a field full of flowers. Gorgeous, and so relaxing.


The restaurant is divided into two sections, a covered one and some tables over by the bar.. both areas seemed perfect for a long, leisurely lunch.


(Tables next to the bar, covered by the trees)

IMG_0230 I started with the tomato and red onion salad with pistou. The tomatoes were very good and fresh (and there was a generous portion… frankly by the end, I was tomatoed out). The pistou was a nice addition, giving the salad a creamy, salty addition to the sweet tomatoes and the sharp onion.


Some of the other girls went for the artichoke to start… I was originally jealous of their order, but then the artichokes came… the kitchen had only left some of the harder, outside leaves on the artichoke itself. It was filled with a good sautee of courgette and carrot, but the point was to have a whole artichoke!


Then, as a second course, I had the sardines, which came with a Moroccan-spiced ratatouille and some brown rice. There was also a sauce included, which I didn’t end up using, as the sardines tasted better simply sprinkled with some lemon juice. This dish was… ok. Not bad but not great. The sardines were fresh, but somehow managed to taste a bit tired… I couldn’t put my foot on it.

IMG_0237So, the consensus on the Beldi Country Club? Amazing setting. The pool, the flower patches, the dining area. Amazing. But the food? Just ok. Maybe we ordered wrong. We’ll definitely be back next year, but will think harder before ordering our lunch!


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