Nikki Beach, Marrakech – Year 3!

Ah, Marrakech, how we love you. Every first bank holiday weekend in May, I head there with a group of girlfriends for the weekend.

We always start off with a heavenly breakfast on the rooftop of our riad… all sorts of breads, jams, eggs, juice and coffee… we stuff ourselves silly before heading out.


On our first day there, we headed back to Nikki Beach, which tends to be where we go Day 1… we figure, party the first day then rest and recover for the remainder of the weekend!

Sitting down for lunch, we shared everything… as starters:

Pan con tomate

IMG_0175Crab and avocadoIMG_0176And this wonderful salad, full of fresh raw veggies (a repeat every year)IMG_0177

Oh, and a bit of rose wine as well…IMG_0178

Then, for mains, we shared the grilled seabass (how good does that look? And it tasted ten times better than it looked!)IMG_0181And the grilled prawns.IMG_0184Nikki Beach has gotten a bit run-down… the chairs, beds, etc aren’t as nice as they used to be, and everything just seems a bit… old. But the food is still great, fresh, tasty, and making you feel like you’re in the South of France! I’m sure that we’ll be back again next year…


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