The Baker’s Arms, Broad Campden, Cotswolds

This weekend, I went away to the Cotswolds… I have been hearing about how beautiful the area is for the past almost 10 years that I’ve lived here, and finally made it to visit!

The weather wasn’t great… it mostly rained on Saturday and was cloudy on Sunday, but we still had fun. We visited Hilcote Gardens on the Saturday, which was really nice in the rain… instead of noticing all of the flowers that you usually would, we really focused on all the big leaves (there were a few Jurassic-looking ones!), how they sounded and looked as the rain pounded down on them.


That said, the flowers weren’t bad either… check out these colours!

IMG_0997 IMG_0999

That night, we decided, given the narrow, winding roads and lack of street lamps, that it would be best to have dinner in town instead of driving. Luckily, there is one pub in Broad Campden, the Baker’s Arms. Dark and cosy, with a good, long menu, we were very happy.

We shared the whitebait to start. It was perfectly fried (ie, hardly) with a nice, light tartar sauce that wasn’t too thick.

Then, I had to go for the macaroni and cheese, which was mixed with leeks and tomatoes. The macaroni and cheese itself was delicious… the leeks and tomatoes didn’t really add anything though.


But there’s something about a macaroni and cheese that you can add tons of salt and ground pepper to, mix it in with all the cheese… yum.


Then I retired to my super-frilly, four poster bed room for a snooze!



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  1. Sumosan, Mayfair – alwaystimeforlunch

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