Dundee Bistro, Dundee, Oregon

My last night in Willamette Valley, I went to the Dundee Bistro, which is a few minutes drive from my B&B (being sick of worrying about being stopped by the cops!)

The Dundee Bistro has a nice outdoor terrace area, but I decided to sit inside at the bar, as it seemed more lively.

I started off with one of the specials of the day, the burrata, which came with some coppa ham, radishes, turnips, grilled bread, and basil. The burrata itself was very soft and creamy, and perfectly gooey. The grilled bread had been brushed with olive oil and was a delicious accompaniment, as were the radishes and  turnips. The only thing I found lacking was the coppa, but then I prefer my hams with more taste (and coppa isn’t a super porky or salty-tasting ham).



After this, I ordered the Fisherman’s stew. I was expecting a bouillabaisse of some kind (or something at least tomato-based), so was surprised to find that the stew came in a cream sauce.

But otherwise, it was pretty well done! Those sticks you see are apple, not potato. I typically do not like savoury/sweet mixed dishes, but in this case, the apple was a really nice addition.

The rest of the dish… cod, clams, mussels, shrimp, and smoked salmon (that’s the bright orange that you see) were all mixed up with new potatoes, red apple, cresss an dsome cream. It worked very well. To the point that I was drinking spoons of the sauce when I was done with the rest of the dish. Very nice.



I didn’t find the Dundee Bistro to be amazing (whereas I could rave for hours about Recipes), but everything was good and consistent. Good for a local dinner.



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