WillaKenzie Winergy, Willamette Valley, Oregon

That afternoon, I went to check out one of the wineries that the guys at Recipes had suggested. There are so many wineries out there that you need some sort of direction, or its hard to choose the right ones. It also didn’t hurt that they had handed me a card for a free tasting at the winery… so I headed out to try it.

After a 20 minute meandering drive through the countryside (beautiful, as the day had suddenly improved), I arrived at WillaKenzie and realised there was a full-on party going on! As it was Memorial Day weekend, they had a band playing, their outdoor seating was packed, and they had even hired a food truck (one slider included in the price of your wine tasting!) for hungry wine-drinkers.


They had five different slider choices, including a vegetarian slider, and a pork slider. I got the very regular beef one with all the toppings..


Then waited for a good half hour… Yup. I had friends waiting for me on the other side of the winery, and I waited half an hour for this little guy…

But you know what, when I had him, damn, it was good. Great toppings, juicy burger with the perfect amount of cheese… A really good call with an afternoon of wine tasting in the sun!


I’ll definitely be looking for this food truck the next time I’m in Portland!


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