Dory Cove, Lincoln City, Oregon

Saturday in Oregon for the long weekend… the night before, I had met a few people at the hotel bar that told me that along with Willamette Valley, I had to check out the coast. So I drove down to Lincoln City before heading back to wine country.

The drive itself was beautiful, first farmland leaving the city, then driving through a large pine forest, finally getting to the coast! The town of Lincoln City feels like the beach towns of my youth, with lots of junky shops, cute cafes and seafood joints, a perfect family town.


The Dory Cove is on one of the main roads in town and is one of the better-known seafood restaurants around. I got there around 2pm and had to wait 15 minutes to sit down anyway!


There are a number of seafood options (duh) on the menu – mostly fried, including razor clams that sounded delicious… but I just wanted a quick bite, so I got the shrimp burger with coleslaw on the side. I wasn’t expecting the shrimp to be so fried (!) but otherwise, it tasted good, especially slathered in tartar sauce!IMG_9375

Then, I went for a quick stroll down on the beach before the wind got to me… and headed to my B&B!



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