Lac Luc, Portland

Then, on to Portland, Oregon, for my last day of work before the weekend! With an overview of a pretty cool mountain… Not sure which one. Not Mt Rainier and not Mt Hood, the flight staff didn’t know either…


A guy who also loves his food and lives in Portland had sent me a list of places to have dinner while in town… I had booked Andina for dinner Thursday night, and Ava Green’s for Friday night. But was exhausted when I got in, and couldn’t face big, heavy meals (and trust me, if I went to one of those places, I wanted to make sure I ate well!)

So instead, I fell back on my old faithful, Asian food. There was a well-reviewed Vietnamese place next to my hotel, which said that you needed to come early as there’s typically a wait after 6pm… and there was.

You queue up to go to the till, order your food and drink, then they give you your drink and you wait. I probably waited 10 minutes, not very long!


You also go get your own silverware, water, and condiments… very efficient!



I went for my favourites… traveling far from home for a long time always makes me go back to my basic comfort foods.. beef pho and crispy rolls (pork, vermicelli, and veg). With tons of sprouts and a very flavourful broth. This was perfect… I left feeling full but rejuvenated!



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