Pike Place Chowder, Seattle

After some morning meetings in Seattle, I decided to head to the Pike Place market for lunch. All I knew I wanted? Seafood.

I walked past a small place with a huge line snaking around two sides of the building… and figured this was probably a good place to try.


So I waited… and waited… maybe half an hour in total, but the time went much faster.


The restaurant is known for its chowders, you can pick between a New England clam chowder, a crab and corn chowder, a veggie chowder, a salmon (we are in Washington, after all!) chowder, and many more. There’s a variety dish, where you can get four small servings of different chowders to try a few. They also serve seafood sandwiches and salads.


I opted for the chowder of the day, the crab and oyster chowder with chorizo. It was delicious. Creamy and good. But, the whole time I was eating, I didn’t get the impression that I was getting any crab or oyster… maybe they were blended in? The chunky veggies and chorizo were great, though.


Alongside a small serving of chowder, I had half a crab sandwich. It was served with mayo, celery, lemon juice, a bit of Tabasco and their secret seasoning. It should have been very good, but since the crabmeat had been sitting on a bed of ice for the foreseeable past (or maybe had come straight out of the fridge?), you couldn’t taste much of anything. Just the crab consistency. Eh.


Would I come back? Maybe. The chowder was very good. But maybe next time, I’d just get the chowder variety pack and try a few different chowders, instead of having a sandwich!



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