The European, Warwick Hotel, San Francisco

Then on to San Francisco… that evening, I was too tired to leave the hotel, so went downstairs to their cocktail bar for a bite and a drink. I was boring and got a glass of (very good) Cabernet Sauvignon, but the bar specialises in their cocktails. They have Genepi, the liqueur from the Alps. So random. Needless to say, they have a wide range of alcohols.

I ordered a spring salad to start, served with grilled broad beans and asparagus, along with a delicious burrata. Still hungry, my eye caught on the crab macarons. What are they, I asked?

IMG_0521They came in a little box (all the other food came on dishes), that you untie and open… cute. And they look like macarons! Or, like biscuits. The outside of the crab cake tastes like a biscuit, actually, but the middle bit is pure crab. Buttery biscuit, compressed crab, then more biscuit… I loved this dish!


And needless to say, I loved the views of the Bay and San Francisco skyline from one of our meetings as well! I’ve already invited us back during the next America’s Cup…



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