Raw-volution, Los Angeles

Back in LA, one of my favourite cities… like most weekend days, after a long run on the beach, I headed to RawVolution in Santa Monica for lunch. I usually get the breakfast burrito (see previous visit), but this time wanted to try something a bit different. So I got the avocado scramble.


It was delicious, and very filling. It had avocado, a cashew scramble (the yellow bit, which I actually found the least exciting in its solid form like that), red bell peppers, marinated mushrooms, onions, sunflower seed cheese (drizzled all over the scramble and really tasty) and homemade blue corn chips. I was struggling to finish the whole dish, it was so filling. But I left full and happy!



Over the course of the weekend, I tried a few other good places…

Alibi (Culver City): one of Roy Choi’s restaurants, where his original food truck shows up once a week. Korean-Mexican mix, try the short-rib sliders and you won’t be disappointed…

Gulfstream (Beverly Hills): located in a shopping mall, this is a great place for a power lunch. I had the crab cake salad, which came with big chunks of avocado and grapefruit.. delicious!

Le Zinque (Venice): on the far end of Abbott Kinney, this French-owned restaurant and bar has tons of small dishes, flatbreads and other bites, along with a long wine list. We had the avocado and tomato crostini, the pan con tomate and prosciutto, and the tuna tartare tartine. They were all good, but the tuna was the best!



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