Delta Airlines, JFK to LAX

On to Los Angeles… for the first time, they’ve put me in Business Class on the Delta flights that have flat beds for cross country flights. Such a different way to travel, it makes all the difference!

The meals aren’t as robust as the Delta International meals, however… there, you get a salad, starter, soup and main course. Here on the domestic flight, you get a much smaller salad and small starter. Not that I needed all the extra food, just noting 😉

As a starter, we got asparagus (very skinny!) with prosciutto and parmesan, with a side salad. The prosciutto was very good… the rest was fine.


As some of you will know, the new Delta Terminal 4 (it’s been open for about a year now) has a number of fun, new NY restaurants including Blue Smoke and Shake Shack. Then, As a main dish option on the flight, you can have a Blue Smoke pulled chicken sandwich.

So, it doesn’t look great in the picture, but the pulled chicken is really tasty. Add in those jalapenos and coleslaw, and you had a great, tangy bite to the sandwich. Fun treat for the plane! Then, on to one of my favourite cities in the world…



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