Jiyugaoka Bake Shop, Tokyo

My last day in Tokyo, I went to the old neighborhood that my family lived in for almost six years from 1987 to 1993. After more than 20 years ago, it felt very weird to be back there… some things were exactly the same (the park that had a temple and our playground, the parking lot where my brother and I used to play badminton…) and others, like our hold, had changed (they flattened it and built an ugly apartment building in its place.

I managed to find my old ballet school, meandering through the streets, and went inside to chat with the lady there, and to watch the professional dancers that were already practicing for the day. The ballet school hadn’t changed at all, including the vending machine outside the dancer’s entrance.

IMG_9639Then, walking back into the center of Jiyugaoka, I stopped in front of a store with a HUGE queue. Selling what they called cheese tarts. Curious, I figured I had the time, so I got into the queue.

IMG_9658They sell the tarts in batches of one, three or twelve. Not sure how they would taste, I only got one for myself (also they were just out of the oven!) but wish I’d gotten more.


IMG_9660Finally sitting down and tasting the tart, it was like a cream cheese tart, but much lighter and fluffier. Delicious. One was enough for the moment, and as I finished it, the queue had grown even longer, so I didn’t stick around for another round… instead, I walked around my old hood a bit longer, then headed back to meet up with my friends!




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