Tsurutontan, Roppongi, Tokyo

After some unsuccessful tries in Daikanyama, we headed back to the hotel. I was hungry, so dragged my friend out to find a late lunch. We felt like having noodles, so tried a few places that the hotel suggested, finding them all closed. And on a main street in Roppongi, tried this place.

The bowls of udon are HUGE, and you have about thirty different types that you can order, along with salads, sashimi, and other bits and pieces.

We both went for the udon noodles – mine had shrimp tempura as the main base, with a fried egg, enoki mushrooms, lots of greens, and other goodies inside.

IMG_9072Michelle’s was more varied, with meat as well. In general, the udon soups were fine, but not great. Mine didn’t have an especially tasty sauce (but maybe that’s in comparison to the ramen broths I usually have). It was all fine, but there was nothing that made the soups stand out from anything else…

IMG_9073Michelle’s also included this dumpling… well, we assumed it was supposed to be a dumpling. Looks like bog slog huh? Not sure. Either way, neither of us wanted to touch it.IMG_9074

Then back to my hotel room and checking out the view (hi, Mt Fuji!) before taking a little nap.


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