Tenpyo Club, Nara, Japan

Nara is a city that is placed between Kyoto and Osaka, and while it contains a number of shrines and temples, it is best known for… it’s deer! They roam around the center of the city, intermingling with the tourists, and you can buy crackers to feed to them. See the warnings…


So as we walked along the park and amongst the temples, we also got some good time in with our deer friends…


Yes I am a deer whisperer…


For lunch, we went to a local restaurant (all Japanese, but probably all tourists) for a quick lunch.

I got the mixed sushi plate, which had various nigiri sushi (nothing as fresh as the sushi we had had up to then), some green tea soba noodles, some tempura, and a miso soup. Fine, but nothing had as much taste as the previous meals we’d been having..  Oh well. At least we were expecting a good dinner when we got into Osaka that night!



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