Sushi Zenmai, Roppongi, Tokyo

After landing at 7am, the first day in Tokyo is long… my friends don’t get there until a few hours after I do, so I joined other friends (that happen to be visiting Tokyo at the same time, why not) in Shibuya for a few hours. It was fun to go to Tokyu Hands, Loft and other lifestyle and goodie shops to stock up on my favourites (like erasable pens).

After my other friends got in, it was about noon and we were all starving. The hotel recommended a sushi place nearby, so walked on over. And had a great meal, with very very fresh sushi. We started off with a plate of sashimi, which included delicious mackerel, sea bream, sea bass, large prawns (check out that head), scallop, salmon eggs, and two kinds of tuna. The extra fatty tuna… amazing. So buttery it just melted in my mouth.


Then, we ordered some sushi and miso soup. The soup had small pieces of seaweed in it (it felt flaky and wilted) but the sushi… we had some more mackerel, some extra fatty tuna, some seared tuna (also really good, as the searing created a different, buttery taste), then a few more rounds of our favourites. We waddled out of there and to walk around Omotesando, Harakuju and the Meiji Shrine for the afternoon.


(As a separate note, the next morning we went to a delicious sushi restaurant at Tsukiji fish market for breakfast, and as we walked out, we realized that it’s another branch of Sushi Zenmai… it’s a chain! After that, I continued to see them all around Tokyo. Slightly disappointing, but it’s good to know that there’s a strong-quality sushi restaurant around town.)


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