British Airways, LON to HND Tokyo

Heading to Japan for 10 days of holidays with friends, how exciting! For those of you that don’t know me in person, I lived in Japan for six years growing up, and haven’t been back in more than 20 years. So I am VERY excited, and curious to see what seems comfortable and what seems new.

But first, the twelve hour flight over there… I watched a few movies, including If I Stay (with Chloe Moritz), Birdman, and The Maze Runner. I cried through half of If I Stay and enjoyed Birdman enough…

For lunch, we had the option of a Japanese meal, or several English ones. I started off with the Japanese appetizers, which included a piece of cooked prawn sushi, some gravlax (it wasn’t really salmon sashimi), some tarro root, and some veggies wrapped in omelette. With some pickled bits and pieces. And one of those good old green salads that taste the same on every flight…


As the main course, I got the eel marinated in teriyaki sauce, with tofu and vegetables on the side. Don’t you love that they cut the carrot up into a star shape?! The eel was fine, a bit scrawny, but did the job. After my meal and movies, I drifted off to sleep…


And woke up in the land of the rising sun!



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