Burrito cart, Backbay Train Station, Boston, MA

The Friday that week, I was in Boston for meetings. You can see me about to land at the airport there… gorgeous, bracingly cold, but sunny day!IMG_8781I was a bit earlier leaving Boston than I had thought, so I went to the ticket office at the train station to change my ticket… and asked the guy there what the best place to eat at the station was. He grimmaced, then said that actually I was lucky, since we’re Friday, the food truck was there, but not to touch anything else.

I got to the food truck and there was a decently-long line. Basically, it’s like a Chipotle, but better.. you pick your protein, your type of meal (burrito? tacos? quesadilla? salad?) and your toppings.


I went for the spicy green chicken with ALL the toppings, cheese, sour cream, beans and cheese. I hoovered my hot burrito down in about five minutes, still sitting in the train station.


As a treat, and concious that I needed to eat something green (ahem), I also got some guacamole and chips. These, I saved for the train ride back to New York. The guac was a bit overly creamy, but had a good taste, and the chips were nice and salty… the perfect mid-afternoon snack. Bon weekend (errr… buen fin de semana), everyone!



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