Narcissa, New York

Back in the US for meetings, I spent 24 hours in New York before heading down to Dallas for work. And I used those 24 hours wisely. First, for lunch, my friend Sapna and I headed to Narcissa, the new restaurant in the Standard East Village (also new) Hotel.

Sapna has been here for brunch before, so she’s a pro, and I followed her lead. We started with some French toast bites, which came with both a lemon curd and a maple syrup to dip them in. Two bites each was perfect, and wow, were they fluffy and moist!


Then, I got the egg white frittata with shitake mushrooms, spinach, fontina cheese and tomatoes. I don’t typically like frittatas, as I find them too dense… I prefer a fluffly omelette. But this frittata was the lightest, fluffiest thing I had tasted in a while, cooked more like a souffle! Delicious, and the mushrooms and fontina certainly helped… I would be back just for this dish. That said, the rest of the menu is just as fun and delicious-sounding, so I’ll have to come back soon either way!


Then, on to the Armory Show (which was completely packed, shame on me for going on a Sunday) for the afternoon… here were some of my favourites…

IMG_8666 IMG_8665 IMG_8659 IMG_8658


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