Cafe le Piquet, Paris

This weekend, I was in Paris for a cousin’s birthday/engagement party. I had six cousins there, and as they live all over, it was great to catch up with of them in one place!

Then, Sunday, I joined my dad’s girlfriend and one of her daughters for the Jean Paul Gautier exhibit at the Grand Palais. It was so well done. Typically, at exhibits for designers, you get to see a few pretty gowns and then get bored after the first room or two. But this exhibit was different. Different rooms focused on different periods/ themes in his designing (the mermaid and sailor room), the English punk room, etc.


And the detail on all the clothing is amazing. But even more fun… on some of the mannequins wearing the clothing, faces had been super-imposed by video, and they would watch you and blink you walked by… and one even had Jean Paul Gautier’s face, and has him giving a whole monologue…

For anyone passing through Paris, I would recommend the exhibit, even if you aren’t into fashion. The imaginative clothes (remember, this is the guy who designed costumes for The Fifth Element and uses tons of feathers, textures and embellishment) are worth going to see both for entertainment value and as works of art!IMG_9938

After the exhibit, we met my dad and the other brother and sister for lunch… as it was warm out, we sat out on the terrace. Our first choice, Brasserie Suffren, was completely booked up, so we went next door to Cafe Le Piquet. I’d been by many times, but never eaten there.

I ended up choosing the steak tartate, thai style, which is basically an aller-retour (just seared on the outside). The steak itself was good enough, but I didn’t love the sickly sweet chili sauce that topped it… And instead slathered on the delicious satay peanut sauce that accompanied it. And the fries? Really good. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside… they also tasted good in the satay sauce 🙂 A good runner-up in the Motte Piquet- Grenelle neighborhood.



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