Easter lunch at the Mooser Hotel, St Anton, Austria

After some skiing on Easter Sunday, we stopped for a nice lunch with a view. The Mooser hotel was built a few years ago and is attached to Mooserwirt bar on the mountain. It’s one of the nicest hotels in St Anton and has a modern, sleek look.



The restaurant has an Austrian menu, which includes the dishes on the Mooserwirt menu, but has a more extensive menu.

I ordered the weiner schnitzel, as I hadn’t had any since arriving in Austria. It was fine. Typically, I like a big, thick fillet of veal, pan fried and drenched in lemon juice. Here, I got two smaller fillets that didn’t have as much… umph to them.



Served with a potato salad (in a tangy sauce), it was… just ok.

But Sara picked the best dish on the menu, the kaese spaetzle, essentially an Austrian macaroni and cheese. The spaetzle dumplings are cooked in a cheese sauce and served with sauteed onions and caramelized onions. And a salad on the side.



She offered me a few bites, and I took each one… and a bit more. I mean, look at it… doesn’t that look delicious? A buttery, cheese sauce, which isn’t too heavy… perfect. Happy Easter everyone!!






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