Momofuku Ssam, New York

One of my favourite places is New York is Momofuku Ssam – I still haven’t been to the original ramen restaurant, but love this outpost and its pork! One of the best meals I’ve had here was a sitdown dinner for 8 where we ordered a pork ssam (butt) in advance and all shared it as a meal.

Well, guess what? They don’t have the exact same menu for lunch, but it comes pretty close, and is also delicious. And now that Sapna has moved three blocks away, it’s easy to get there for 11:30 when they open on weekends.

We feasted.. Edouard had the spicy sausage with rice cakes (more like delicious little rice balls), broccoli and Sichuan peppers. It was spicy and delicious, with the rice balls giving it the perfect, glutinous touch.


Sapna go the Momofuku Ssam bowl, which came with pork shoulder, black beans, kimchi, and a poached egg. I didn’t taste this but was assured that it was great.


And.. Heather got the shrimp and grits, which was on the lighter side, and also really good… I scoopped up a small bit of grits and was thrilled, as they were rich and creamy.. and not too grainy.


Finally, I went for the rotisserie duck over rice, served with a chive pancake or lettuce to wrap the duck (I may or may not have ordered both), some bitter leaves, and caramelized onions.

IMG_8677 IMG_8679

Finish it off with some hot sauce, and I was in heaven. Check out the amount of duck they give you… I ate all of it. All of it. It was that good. I’m so glad that Sapna is practically next door, it’ll be the perfect excuse to come back again and again.. I don’t even need to come back for dinner!



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