Basecamp, St Anton, Austria

Day two on the mountains… the visibility is terrible, so we decided not to ski – after a late wake-up and morning lounging around, we headed to lunch at the base of the mountain, at Basecamp.

IMG_9820The restaurant has a number of different salad and lunch options, but they are best known for their fresh, homemade pasta. My friend Sara ordered the Tyroller pasta, which was a pan-fried gnocchi with dried ham and Parmesan. Delicious, but a very large portion and a bit oily with all the olive oil and Parmesan.

I opted for the pesto pasta, with cherry tomatoes and pesto. The pasta had the right amount of sauce and Parmesan on it, and the cherry tomatoes gave a good burst of sweetness.

Good music as we sat outside for a long, leisurely lunch. Not the best people-watching in the world (maybe no one was skiing that day!) but a good place to spend the afternoon.



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