Chandos Pub, Covent Garden, London

A few months back, I met some old colleagues (Hanna, Rich and Ria) for lunch in the work hood. We ended up at the Chandos Pub, which has a restaurant upstairs.

I have to say… not one of the best meals I’ve had. Or for any of us.

I had the Fisherman’s Pie, a haddock, salmon, pollack and prawn medley with carrots, celery and leeks topped with mashed potatoes and a creamy leek sauce. I burned my mouth instantly (not their fault) then slodged through the creamy mess… it was just ok at best… just lots of cream and mush.

photo 1 (1)

Rich got the burger with pulled pork on top. A great idea, but on the bland burger and bun, it didn’t add very much…photo 2 (1)

Hanna chose the lasagna… it was quite soupy and didn’t have tons of 3 (1)

And Ria got the cheeseburger. We decided that this was the best of the bunch… and it still wasn’t great, it was very cooked (for someone that likes their meat rare) and the bun wasn’t especially exciting either.
photo 4

Won’t make it back here again, but it’s always good to try new places!



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