Preem Prithi, Brick Lane, London

Over the weekend, my mother and I headed out to east London for the day, spending the day walking up Brick Lane then through all the small boutiques in Shoreditch.

On our way up Brick Lane, we decided that it was time to eat, and walked into Preem Prithi, which I have been to a few times over the past few years – it’s always been a decent meal.

We started with orders of vegetable samosas and chicken tikka. The chicken was a bit overcooked, but the samosas were perfect… I was about to ask for a sauce to dip them in when they arrived, but they were perfectly spicy.


Then, as a main course, we shared a number of different things… a lamb biriyani (which was very good… the rice was almost crunchy and the pieces of lamb were perfectly spiced, marinated, and tender).


The chicken tikka masala was interesting… it’s thick, creamy sauce was good, but it was sweeter than we were accustomed to – it had an extra ingredient that made it tangy and sweet. But paired with the naan to sop it up, no complains 🙂


Then, the vegetables in gravy. These apparently come as the side dish to the biryani… I’ve never had one that comes with them, but these were great – a mix of cabbage, peas, carrots and other veg in a light sauce, this was a nice counter-balance to the sweeter tikka masala and saag paneer. I ate a LOT of this dish.


And, finally, the saag paneer that my mother and I had been dreaming of… Paneer, good. Saag, good. The sauce? It must have had coconut in it, as it, too, was sweet. How funny. Neither my mother nor I love sweet curry dishes, so even though we enjoyed these dishes, we would have preferred them on the savoury side! IMG_8584So overall, the food was good, but a bit sweet for our liking (which isn’t something I remember from the last times I was there). I would come back but only if I could assure that I wasn’t ordering any of these sweeter dishes!



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