The Somers Town Coffee House, Euston, London

Last Sunday, my friend Alicia (who unfortunately has moved back to New York!) was in town visiting, so we all headed to Somers for lunch after a few people went to Barry’s Bootcamp nearby for a workout.

We started with a few appetizers for everyone to share… sticky chicken wings covered in an herb butter (kind of an odd combo, but the wings themselves were very good)


mac and cheese fried balls… needed a bit more seasoning but the mac and cheese was good and creamyIMG_8405 (1)

Then the duck rillettes. These were pretty disappointing, typically they are very fatty and stick together in pieces, but these were actually grainy bits of the meat.
IMG_8409 (1)


And some sweet potato fries with a paprika mayonnaise. This was delicious.IMG_8412

After this, I got the chicken roast as a main course. Half a roasted chicken (my favourite chicken roasts typically have stuffing, this one didn’t) with potatoes and all sorts of delicious, roasted vegetables. The Yorkshire pudding was a bit tough (I like it doughy in the middle) but overall ok.IMG_8413So the general feeling for this place was, good, not great. Fine. Cute atmosphere and probably a good pick if you need to eat around Euston, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to head over there and eat… and frankly, with all of the places near Kings Cross these days, there are probably better options.


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