Cafe 2, MOMA Museum, New York

In New York for a few days of work, I caught up with my friend Dahlia (British transplant to NY) as we had just missed each other down in Miami! She’s a member at the Museum of Modern Art and suggested that we eat at the cafe there.

Cafe 2 has a long set of shared tables where you sit looking over the counter of the restaurant, which has all sorts of fresh ingredients (delicious-looking mozzarella) that then get used for our meals.

Dahlia went for the roasted salmon with root vegetables, a parsnip puree, and a salsa verde. It looked delicious.


I had picked up a cold on my 24 hour trek from Miami to New York (that’s a story for another day) and was still feeling a bit crummy… Dahlia suggested that I try the tortellini in broth, and it really hit the spot! Technically, its chicken and tortellini with beans, mushrooms and kale in a Parmesan broth. I mean, who doesn’t feel better after chicken in a Parmesan broth? It was exactly what I needed, and so fun to catch up with Dahlia!



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