Tongue and Cheek, Miami

So this is one of the restaurants that I was most looking forward to on my trip, I’d read good reviews and heard good things. We went there on a Saturday night and were surprised to find the restaurant pretty empty… and with a bit of a weird atmosphere!

But then, the food started coming… we were given some pretzel bread to start, which was very good.


Then, I ordered the fried chicken with coleslaw and scallion-cheddar biscuit. There was a smoked Tupelo butter on the side that I unfortunately didn’t even try! The biscuit was very good, nice and flaky with a good cheesy taste. And the chicken… probably the juiciest, moistest, most tender fried chicken I’ve ever had. Seriously. I don’t know if it always tastes this good, but if so, run run run to Tongue and Cheek.

IMG_8267Sara had the with the red snapper with a green goddess sauce, served with zucchini, a beurre blanc and quinoa, apparently also very good. This was one of these meals where I would have liked to try everyone’s dishes, but was too full with my own meal…


And finally, Sapna got the braised beef short ribs with lentils, sorrel, smoked pineapple and a harissa yogurt. Look at that dish. It apparently tasted as good as it looked, but what a great display!

IMG_8269We shared a side order of the brussel sprouts.. they forgot about them so kindly comped us for them when we finally got the order… the brussel sprouts were slightly charred so that the outside leaves were crispy (yum) and were topped with an orange-flavoured ricotta (which I thought really didn’t add anything) and pistachios. Not my favourite dish of the bunch.

IMG_8271So, overall? Weird atmosphere (I almost felt like I was in a sports bar) and the dishes were hit or miss, but man, that fried chicken…




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