La Piaggia, Miami

Late January to early February, I was in Florida and New York for work. Now, there are worse places to be in January than Florida, so I did my best to spend all of my weekends there as well! My brother’s fiancee came down from New York to spend the first weekend with me, and we met up with some other friends for lunch on the Sunday.

I had been hearing about La Piaggia for a while, as it’s supposed to be a restaurant modelled after what you’ll find in Ibiza or St Tropez… and it was spot on, with even the colour scheme reminding me of Tahiti Beach. And yes, the models walking around in bikinis/ fashion show are also included.

I started off with an octopus carpaccio. After the one I had had at La Petite Maison, I think I was spoiled, but this one was nowhere near as good (the slices were thicker and the octopus was rubbery).


But then, my grilled gambas main course was delicious. They had the perfect amount of charring on the outside, giving them a good flavour, and were slightly undercooked, which is how I like them. Yum.

IMG_8173Then we ordered desserts to share; the best known one is the Tropezienne tart (again, by way of St Tropez), which they gave us a huge slice of. This was much better than the chocolate mousse, which was decent but nothing more.


And, a delicious strawberry and raspberry fruit tart to finish. Stuffed, we walked back to our hotels along the beach…




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