Eelbrook, Parson’s Green

To break my detox in mid-January, I met up with my friend Hanna for a catch-up dinner. I had been driving by the Eelbrook for the past few months since it opened and still hadn’t tried it.

And what a pleasant surprise it was, the food was great! We started off with the crab tartlets, served with a chive beurre blanc (though I’d have to say, it was really the taste of the crab that come through). They were bite-sized and delicious, though I found the tarte crust a bit thick, it tasted like the pre-made ones you can buy at the supermarket.

We also ordered the pig’s head croquettes with a remoulade on the side. This is why Hanna’s great, she’ll try anything with me. And they were delicious. Very flavourful and almost having the consistency of rilettes, these puppies were the real deal.


After this, we shared the smoked eel with beetroot, apple and horseradish. This was also delicious, as the side salad made a good contrast to the eel, as did the creamy horseradish. IMG_8120 (1)
After this, I got the pork chop leeks and a romanesco sauce for my main course. The pork chop was good, perfectly (not too) cooked and rich… the romanesco was good to cut the fattiness of the meat. IMG_8122

Hanna got the steak with cima di rape and trumpet mushrooms, covered in a garlic butter. I was too full to even try her dish, but she swore that it was amazing, which is how I felt about my main course; simple, good quality ingredients in a dish that make the flavours shine through… this will definitely become a neighbourhood favourite.IMG_8123


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