La Petite Maison, Mayfair, London

The other day, I met my friend Jeff for a bite. As it was the 29th of December, we agreed that it was the perfect day for a long, extravagant lunch. I have been to La Petite Maison quite a few times before, but it’s been a while. And you know what? I think that the food has actually improved! It was delicious.

There’s always the great table setting to greet you…


We shared a few appetizers to start: the burrata with cherry tomatoes, the veal stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables, and the octopus carpaccio (my favourite dish!)


Seriously, this octopus carparrio is delicious. I think they must use a bit of preserved lemon for this taste… it’s so delicate and citrusy… and there’s a hint of something else delicious.IMG_7774

Then, this big, creamy blob of burrata. Yum. It was rich, creamy, and utterly over the top!IMG_7776

And finally, the veal stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables. I had never tried this dish before, and the veal “meatballs” were so delicious, had tons of flavour, and tasted great accompanied by a light tomato sauce, wrapped in grilled veggies.

Then, for the main course, as this is a sharing restaurant, we decided to share two plates, the veal chop and the grilled baby chicken.

The veal chop was very good as well. Cooked medium rate and perfectly tender, slightly charred on the outside which almost gave it a sweet tatste… and there was a lot of it. A lot. We left about a third on the dish at the end of the meal. IMG_7778 IMG_7779And the baby chicken… rubbed in herbs, and grilled, this was also very tender. That’s the thing about baby chicken, spatchcocked… it’s always very tender. We gobbled this one down in a few minutes.IMG_7781Amazing lunch. Every single dish was really good. All I can wish is that I had had more room to finish every dish. After three hours, we waddled out…

So glad to go back to la Petite Maison and a great reminder that it’s right around the corner!



One thought on “La Petite Maison, Mayfair, London

  1. La Piaggia, Miami – alwaystimeforlunch

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