Detox 2015!!!! – Part 3

My detox is over tomorrow and I can’t wait to have food with flavour in it again! But it’s funny, after two weeks of eating like this, you do get used to it, and I’m almost afraid of losing all the energy that I have, the long nights of sleep, and all the other (well, there are a few) perks of being on the detox. But I can’t wait for that first glass of wine and coffee Sunday!

Here are a list of restaurants that I’ve found that are detox-friendly:

For jacket potatoes:

St James Cafe, Pall Mall, Mayfair

Cafe Spreads, Pall Mall, Mayfair

For fish dinners:

Mediterraneo (baked or grilled seabass)

Kensington Place, Notting Hill (choice of fish either grilled, roasted or pan-fried)

Fishworks (Marylebone or Piccadilly Circus branch)

Fish!, Borough Market (a large selection of fish, grilled or steamed)

Applebee’s (fishmonger that just started up a fish restaurant, large selection of fish)


Apparently any Maroush (or maybe any Lebanese place?) will grill you a chicken breast without all the oil, etc…

Have a good weekend!



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