Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

During the new years weekend, we decided to go take a walk in Richmond Park, then ended up having a long, late lunch at the Petersham Nurseries.

The walk was great, it was a beautiful day and after spending January 1st on a couch watching movie after movie, it was nice to be out and about! And, to check out all of those deer…

For those of you who don’t know Richmond Park, it’s a large park just outside of London (in Richmond) and wild deer are allowed to run loose. You can see them in the grass roaming around or sitting and watching as you walk by!


Then we headed over to the Petersham Nurseries Cafe, which was already winding down their lunch service, but sat us anyway…

It was very pretty, sitting in a greenhouse that was still decorated for Christmas.IMG_7877 IMG_7880

I started with the shaved artichokes, raddichio and Parmesan shavings. The artichoke was nice with the bitter raddichio, and the Parmesan gave them both a salty, more substantial taste.IMG_7881

Ali and Michelle shared the Spanish ham and the bitter stalks. I didn’t try theirs but they gobbled it up quite quickly!IMG_7883

Then, I went for the quail, served with lentils, red cabbage, raisins and pinenuts. I don’t typically like raisins, but tasted really good with the pinenuts and cabbage, what a nice combo! And the quail was fine… a bit annoying to cut around the bones in this rounded bowl, but really nice with the charred orange dribbled on top.IMG_7885

Michelle had the lobster salad. I thought it looked a bit sparse, but she said that it was very good.IMG_7886

And Ali was very happy with his venison ragu papardelle. IMG_7894

But the hilight of the meal was our neighbour, a huge Rhodesian ridgeback who very obediently sat (and napped) next to his owners, hardly shifting for the whole meal. I was only able to give him one quick head pat, but we spent the entire meal wishing he was awake and would come say hi!IMG_7897

Then, dessert… I had the Brie de Meaux and Ali and Michelle shared a date cake pudding. Stuffed and silly, we went to check out the gift store, which had everything from kitchen apparel to garden goodies to candles and linens. IMG_7901At this point, it was already dark out, so we didn’t have a walk around the nurseries themselves, but there was a more low-key cafe, a tea stand, and rows and rows of shrubs, bushes, trees and flowers. I’ll definitely be back, both for the food and for the foliage!



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