La Comtesse du Barry

Happy New Year everyone!!

During my week off in Paris, I spent a lot of time hanging around my father’s place, reading and relaxing. One day for lunch, we tried these new prepared meals that he had bought from the store La Comtesse du Barry. The store is best known for its terrines, foie gras and cured seafood, but it also sells a range of other delicacies, from olive oils to prepared meals.

Dad had picked up a few options, including an Alsacian saucisse with saukraut and a chicken tagine, but I went straight for the duck confit. You heat it up for three minutes in the microwave, and presto!IMG_7686

In the picture below, you can see the globules of fat shinning on the duck, but it was very good… tender, broke to pieces with my fork, and had a lot of flavour. Underneath, it was supported by a mix of potatoes and porcini mushrooms, probably cooked in duck fat.. delicious. It was a small enough portion but more than filled me up – and warmed me up on the cold, December day. Next time, I’ll try the chicken tagine!



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