Restaurante El Gran Cafe, Barcelona, Spain

During the Christmas to New Years week, I am going to post a few old blog posts that I never sent… from Istanbul, Italy and others. They were written at the time, and I for some reason never posted them… so enjoy!

(September 2014)

The day after the wedding was cold and rainy. I went to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art, which had a number of good, small exhibits going on.

photo 1 (2)

Then, practically swimming in the pouring rain, I made it back to the Gothic quarter for lunch. This was one of the only places open, and, having advertised a paella lunch (I had been up dancing til three that morning), they got my business right away!

The inside of the restaurant had a 1920’s, art nouveau feel to it, and the dark wood interior felt perfect given the rainy day outside.

photo 2 (2)

It seems that most restaurants have their own way of serving bread… while I had no garlic or tomatoes this time, olive oil and balsamic vinegar were sitting on the table waiting, along with salt, pepper and a small bowl for me to dip from. On the side was a brown paper bag filled with fresh brown and white bread.

photo 5 (1)

As a main course, I got the fideo paella with seafood. Most paella is made with rice, but fideos are small vermicelli noodles, chopped into short pieces, and are mixed with squid ink to make a particular brand of paella… this one served with calamari, mussels, and shrimp. I have to say, this dish was perfect, exact what I 3 (1)


Afterwards, the waiter tempted me to take a look at dessert… and I went for this odd concoction. It was basically a slightly firmer cottage cheese served with honey and walnuts (and some fruit coulis). You know what? It was really good. The cottage cheese was a bit tart, which worked perfectly with the honey and the crunch of the walnuts. This is the kind of thing that I might try to repeat at home, with it’s simple, strong flavours.

photo 4 (1)


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