Poseidon restaurant, Bebek, Istanbul

During the Christmas to New Years week, I am going to post a few old blog posts that I never sent… from Istanbul, Italy and others. They were written at the time, and I for some reason never posted them… so enjoy!

(July 2013)

Sunday morning in Istanbul, Ali, Michelle, Sonya and I hopped on a commuter boat to get a tour of the Bosphorus just above Bebek. And it was gorgeous. We passed by an old fort that has been around since ~300 B.C.


and also rode past tons of mansions on the side of the Bosphorus. I could have lived in most of them. Though apparently the larger ones go for about $25m (to be fair, they all have gardens, terraces and at least one pool)… maybe in a few years.


After this, we went to lunch on the river. We shared a bunch of mezze’s to start (aubergine dip, dolma-stuffed courgette flowers, and octopus salad), followed by a large, fresh salad.



After this, the four of us shared a seabass. It was SO fresh. And delicious with a little olive oil on it. Yes, that’s the head on the right. I might have picked the cheek out and ate it…


During lunch, Sonya, Michelle and I were obsessed with the large jelly-fish swimming by in the water. Sonya and Michelle had committed to swim through the Bosphorus (to be fair, this was pretty late during dinner and after a few bottles of wine) but promptly changed their minds when they saw the size of the jellies in the water! Poor Ali was absolutely bored with our jellyfish talk after about five minutes and ignored us…


We finished up lunch with fresh nectarines and cherries. While everything was delicious, there was something about those fresh, cut up nectarines that really hit the spot for me – they were the perfect end to the meal.


Other Istanbul recommendations:

We had dinner at Flamingo (next to the InterContinental Hotel) one night and Yeni Lokanta (in Pera) the other. Flamingo served more of an international selection of foods, while Lokanta served local small dishes. Both were very good.

Over the course of the weekend, we had drinks at the George Hotel (pre-dinner, Pera), the Marmara Pera Hotel (post-dinner, Pera) and Angelique (post-dinner, Ortakoy). All were open air with a great view!


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