Dean and Deluca, Georgetown, Washington, DC

Meetings in Georgetown while in DC.. I got to visit my alma matter and some other firms nearby. My mother had been going on and on about a new bakery/lunch place in Georgetown, the Dogtag Bakery, which hires ex-military veterans and their spouses to work in the bakery. The menu looked delicious, but they are unfortunately closed on Mondays and Tuesdays at the moment.

So I went to Dean and Deluca instead, a Georgetown staple that has been around since before I went to school there. It was really warm out (odd for the first of December!) so I sat out on their terrace…

photo 2

I had about 20 minutes to eat after my detour to the Dogtag Bakery, so picked quickly… a kale Caesar salad (the dressing had anchovy, delicious… think back… when was the last time you had a Caesar dressing with any anchovy in it? It always seems to be missing these days..) and a Thai pad thai roll… interesting concept and delicious in practice!

photo 1


This was a nice return down memory lane, as the Dean and Deluca has been there longer than I was… Great to be back and to enjoy the warm weather outside!


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