Inside Park, St Bart’s, New York

Another lunch meeting, this time with an old colleague who started a business about two years ago and is finally starting to see the upside! Typically we go to Le Cirque for lunch (either that or a hole in the wall Sichuwan Chinese restaurant on 2nd avenue!) but today we had to a quick one.

Inside Park is the restaurant inside the St Bart’s cathedral on Park Avenue, there is seating for drinks and food inside the church itself, and when the weather is nice, there is also an outdoor seating area for al fresco dining and drinking.

…Today was not one of those warm days, so we sat inside. Keeping our time limit in mind, we only had one course each… Pengfei had the vegetable club sandwich (which he said was fine). I chose the chicken pot pie…


photo 3


After knocking the flaky top off of the pot pie, I dug in… the consistency was soupy, with tons of peas and chicken – I ended up unfortunately burning my mouth on the “soup,” but it was otherwise really good… and huge. I ate about half of what was in the pot. But it warmed me up, with the below-freezing weather outside. And was a great place to hear all about Pengfei’s new venture and catch up over a cozy meal.



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