Nerai, New York

Another weekday lunch with an industry friend… I asked him to suggest a place for lunch, as I always go to the same few places (Ma Peche, Soba Nippon, Il Gattopardo, Fig & Olive). He suggested Nerai, a Greek place in the east 50’s.

Let me set the mood here. It was freezing out and pouring rain. I get into the restaurant and instantly feel like I’m in an oasis… There are drapped sheets hung from the ceiling and I literally feel like I’m in a different country. Sigh of relief to be out of the rain…

Now, there’s one more problem. I have a full-blown cold. A blow-your-nose-at-the-table-every-five-minutes, hardly-can-breathe kind of cold. Which isn’t the most useful thing when you’re trying to taste food… But we’ll see.

Craig shows up and we look through the prix fixe menu that they have for lunch. He always gets the Greek salad, followed by the chicken kebab.

I went for the cod croquettes with the garlic aioli… honestly? I could hardly taste them. I don’t know how much of it was that I was stuffy and how much was that the tastes were very subtle.


photo 2

Then, I had the salmon on a spinach rice with crispy leeks. And asked for it slightly pink inside. It was a really nice piece of salmon, perfectly cooked and tasty. So maybe it was just that the cod croquettes were just so-so.

photo 1

The spinach rice was nice, it had an almost risotto texture, and was generous on the rice. Very good dish.

For dessert, I chose the Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts… and ate about half of it. The yogurt was rich and creamy, but after everything else that I’d had, it was more than enough.

Good lunch, a good catch-up, and then the worst part came at the end… heading back into the pouring rain.


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